Tips for Preparing OET Exams

Tips for preparing OET exams

Taking any examination is full of jittery and stressful times, be it in school or professional examinations leaving OET not any different. It is a high-stakes test and you need to be fully prepared.

Since, it is a crucial aspect of enhancing your eligibility, we have introduced certain tips and tricks for you nail the test.

Be open to learning as much as possible

If you have some extra time on your hands, it might be the perfect opportunity to read that book in English that you haven’t had time to read yet, watch films with subtitles and listen to interesting podcasts that will help you increase your vocabulary.

Feedbacks on OET writing 

The Writing sub-test is one that candidates often find quite tricky. Submit assessment forms on certain websites and get honest results for your exams. This way you can have a proper record of your position.

Give yourself some time

One thing that is advised to all students is that do not be cruel to your mind and body when it comes to studying. Mostly students tend to study late night and don’t get proper sleep. As a result they are prone to confusions and forgetting everything.

If you have your exam next morning at 8 am then you should not study past than 2 am. In fact, studies show that learning and having a sound sleep post that enhances your memory.

Understand the assessment criteria

It is said that you need to understand what is expected from you before give out any knowledge.

For each part of the test there is information about assessment. For Writing and Speaking particularly there are level descriptors of each criterion which help you understand the way OET assessors grade you.

Be sure before you apply

There is no point of cramming and rushing for exams with half preparation, rather you should go for it only when you feel confident that you have the language skills you need for the grade you want. I know you are planning your new life already but you’ll get there a lot quicker if you go cautiously now. With the right preparation, you can take the test and get the results you want without the need for resits or repeated study. It will pay off in the long run.

OET is trusted by regulators, hospitals & universities in the UK, the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore When you are in an English speaking environment, OET gives you confidence for safe and effective practice under:

At our institute the module of course is designed as per all the requisites of the healthcare system

  • Patient Safety and quality care:
    OET is designed to imitate the critical tasks of workplace settings and measure candidates’ abilities across the language skills
  • Ability to communicate-
    OET test takers are effective communicators on matters that are technical and emotional
  • Test materials developed by experts
    The materials are piloted, and trial results subjected to statistical analysis to confirm validity and reliability
  • High secure test you can trust
    Delivered in 40 countries through secure facilities with highly trained staff. Robust identity checks, extensive malpractice check and test material assessed centrally

Valid and reliable Majority owned by Cambridge Assessment English and partnering with Australian Research Council and university Melbourne, OET has featured prominently in research literature relating to language testing in specific context

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