What Is the Best Way for Me to Pass the CPHQ Exam?

CPHQ candidates can now prepare for the exam in a variety of ways. To receive the most beneficial advice regarding the method that best fits their circumstances, candidates should have basic information readily available.

Professional CPHQ coaches think about this subject a lot to help their students get the best outcome as soon and comfortably as possible.

CPHQ exam preparation has numerous possibilities. Online searches for CPHQ test prep books are no longer common. Old-fashioned.

Anybody who gives you an answer without asking about your situation is causing you a disservice and/or attempting to sell you their product without considering how it will help you.

Your CPHQ exam plan should be focused on you, not marketing or historical results. Others’ exam preparation may have been ideal for their talents, knowledge, and experience.

Regardless of the results, their approaches could have been more efficient or successful. They may have missed out on modern CPHQ exam prep methods.

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So before you ask someone how to become a CPHQ, consider these questions:

  1. Healthcare quality experience?
  2. Your CPHQ exam subject overview strengths and weaknesses? Are you impartial?
  3. Have you taken CPHQ? How did you score the four key content categories?
  4. Do you have certifications or a master’s degree?
  5. Which type of learning do you prefer?
  6. How much time and money can you spend studying?
  7. How much time have you allowed yourself?
  8. When was your last standardized professional exam? Results?
  9. Do you know the CPHQ exam’s frequent terminology and concepts?

Asking yourself these questions and jotting down the answers before seeking counsel will take some time, but it will help you get the best suggestions while preventing either (A) a one-size-fits-all magical “solution” or (B) a cryptic response that leaves you in the dark.

CPHQ certification is easy. By focusing on exam material, healthcare professionals can score well and effectively.

CPHQ Test Content

The HQCC surveys healthcare quality experts every three years to understand their duties. Each exam question corresponds to a practice analysis task. The tasks are divided into four categories:

  • Leadership in Organizations (35 items; 28%)
  • Analytics for Health Data (30 items; 24%)
  • Improvement of performance and processes (40 items; 32%)
  • Safety of the patient (20 items; 16%)

The CPHQ exam material plan follows these four primary themes. These categories were previously known as “Management and Leadership,” “Information Management,” and “Performance Measurement and Improvement.” Avoid semantics.

In each section, 23% of the questions will test for recall, 57% will probe for applicability, and 20% will probe for analysis.


The exam is open to anyone, although not everyone passes. The HQCC says this about reducing certification barriers like required education and experience:

After working with quality care experts from all over the world, both CPHQs and non-CPHQs, for many years, experts prefer to believe the HQCC’s claim that the exam is sufficiently accurate to identify candidates for CPHQ status.


Questions involving application and analysis will make up more than 75% of the exam. The HQCC says the exam examines “general notions,” not academic details. Repetition won’t help.

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