Certified Professional in Patient Safety


The certified professional in patient safety course in Dubai program establishes core standards for the field of patient safety. The CPPS certification exam distinguishes healthcare professionals who meet the competency requirements in the areas of patient safety science and human factors engineering. This is the best CPPS test preparation training institute in Dubai that teaches the ability to apply this knowledge to effectively plan and implement patient safety initiatives.

Who Needs The Course

    1. 1) Physicians, pharmacists, healthcare executives, quality and risk management, nurses, non-clinical health professionals, and all other healthcare professionals with the requisite background who want to be certified professionals in patient safety
      2) This credential is awarded through a thorough examination covering five patient safety domains:
      •Patient Safety Risks and Solutions
      •Measuring and Improving Performance
      •Systems Thinking and Design / Human Factors
  • Certificates
    1. Certification Board of Professionals in Patient Safety
    2. Training Certificate from the Institute

    What You Will Learn

    • IOM Report

    • WHO Guidelines

    • AHRQ references

    • HQ solutions

    • Janet Brown

    • Course material, slides and notes will be shared at the end of each session.
    • Teaching pedagogy includes PowerPoint presentations, case studies, and exam practice questions

    Exam details:

    • Eligibility
      ● Candidates for the CPPS certification exam credential are those who include patient safety practices as an integral component of current or future professional responsibilities. Candidates must also possess academic and professional experience at one of the following levels.
      ● Baccalaureate degree or higher, plus three years of experience (includes time spent in clinical rotations and residency programs) in a healthcare setting or with a provider of services to the healthcare industry
      ● Candidates Associate degree or equivalent plus five years of experience (including time spent in clinical rotations) in a healthcare setting or with a provider of services to the healthcare industry ● Each form of the exam will consist of 100-scored items according to the distribution above and 10 unscored pretest items. Examinees will be allotted 2 hours to complete the examination
    • Exam dates
      The exam is conducted throughout the year
    • Exam Type
      110 Multiple-choice questions are given. Few exam questions are categorized as recall, rest are divided between application and analysis