CPPS: A Great Emerging Career Option

Healthcare quality and related certification: Healthcare quality is a broad phrase that refers to all of the processes, knowledge sets, skills, and professional abilities involved in providing safe and effective care. Care is also centered on the patient, delivered on time, and made equally available to all. Simply said, healthcare quality is concerned with making […]

If You Want to Become a CPC, Here’s What You Need to Know

It is essential to have a strategy. It’s not easy to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), and the American Academy of Professional Coders’ (AAPC) exam is a difficult and long test. The exam will, of course, include CPCs-to-be questions on CPT codes, Evaluation and Management, the biological systems, and the use of various code […]

Demand for medical coders, billers is projected to grow in the near future

Demand for medical coders, billers is projected to grow in the near future Medical coding and billing is a broad term for the job of translating patients, medical records into standardized sets of codes. The symptoms or disease a patient has when he/she arrived, details about their doctor, and any drugs or medical devices prescribed […]

confused about choosing which medical coding academy as your mentor

Confused About Choosing Which Medical Coding Academy As Your Mentor Medical coders play a vital role in healthcare system responsible for handling and processing medical claims. Medical coders must hold a certification or other credential that illustrates their knowledge and capabilities in the medical coding profession. In this article, we explore the perks and the […]

What Is CPC ?

What is (CPC)Certified Professional Coder Certification ? As we all know Medical Coding is one of the fastest growing fields in the India at a rate of 25-35 % per year.  It is also the fastest-growing outsourced business process in India; hence, qualified and trained candidates are highly in demand for handling this crucial task. […]

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