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Prepare For OET On The Computer Like A Pro! Part-1

Have you thought about taking your OET exam on a PC rather than on paper? OET on Computer & OET at Home are excellent possibilities for OET candidates, even if their computer abilities aren’t superb. Let’s look at how you can make the most of your computer for each area of the exam.

What is the procedure for taking the OET on a computer?

Let’s go over the structure of computer-based OET tests, such as OET via Computer and OET at Home, first. You would only undertake the hearing, writing, and reading parts at the test center if you do choose to take the OET on the computer. The speaking test will be taken via Zoom on a laptop or tablet at home (or other location you choose).

Benefits of taking the OET on a computer or at home:

Taking the OET on a computer has a lot of benefits.

  • The exam moves at a comfortable speed, and you exactly know what you’re supposed to complete.

  • It’s quite effective.

  • There are no complications because the test is identical to the paper-based OET and is assessed in the same way.

  • For easier reference, you can highlight material in the reading examples and test questions.

  • When writing your OET letter, you can employ a word-counting function.

  • You can schedule your test up to 10 days in advance, which is significantly less time than with a paper-based exam.

  • You can take the test in nations and cities where the paper-based OET was previously unavailable.

  • Sample tests are easy to come by.

You will also have 10 minutes before your test to read data about the written text and how to finish your answers and progress through the test. Take advantage of the clock that is constantly shown at the top of the screen and use the whole 10 minutes to properly understand how the exam works. After reading Part A, you may take a 10-minute break if you choose. If you need to take a break from the computer, such as to use the restrooms, you will go through the security screening again before continuing with the test.

How to Get a Glimpse of the Exam

Many of the usual navigation buttons seen in other computer programs are used in OET on Computer.

  • To navigate between pages, use the “back” and “next” buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  • By clicking a button just at bottom of the page, you can go to the next part. You would not be able to go back to that section until you have completed reviewing your answers. We urge that you take as much time as you need to finish the part and check your answers.

  • If your website necessitates scrolling, a notification will appear on your screen reminding you to scroll to the bottom and view the full of page.

What options do I have for studying OET at home?

Joining a Benchmark OET training program is a simple way to start studying for OET at home. We provide comprehensive training programs that include full mock exams with solutions and explanations, instructional videos, letter corrections, and one-on-one spoken assessments. You won’t have to think about reallocating resources or seeking teacher assistance because everything will be accessible through a single student account.

  • In the series of the upcoming blog, we will be discussing more of the tips to crack the exam with flying colors which will be effective and efficient for the students. You will be learning a great number of interesting insights about the OET Exam. So, Stay tuned!

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