Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality

Preparing For CPHQ? Must-Try These Tips To Crack It!

CPHQ is an abbreviation for Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. Simply put, this certification shows that you are well-versed in the principles of healthcare quality and can successfully apply them.

The NAHQ (National Association for Healthcare Quality) administers the CPHQ test. Candidates in the CPHQ preparatory course are guided by a candidate handbook provided by the latter. The candidate guide contains all relevant information concerning the examination and the application process.

A CPHQ professional, according to the guidelines, is someone who has the knowledge and abilities to apply improvement activities in healthcare institutions. As a result, it is an incredibly valuable certification.

What are the steps to being certified?

For the exam, there are no specified requirements. If you want to become a qualified professional, you are eligible to apply for the exam. As a result, there is no requirement for a degree or prior experience to take the exam and obtain certification. However, keep in mind that a CPHQ accreditation is only good for two years.

The test is computer-based and comprises 140 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The exam will take 3 hours to complete. Efficiency & Operational Development, Patient Care, Data Management (Health Data Analytics), and Institutional Management are the four primary subjects covered in the exam.

The primary component of the exam, which accounts for 42 percent of the questions, is Productivity & Operational Development. Other subjects are similarly divided on an equal basis.

Suggestions and tips to crack CPHQ Exam:

The following are some pointers to help you get the most out of your CPHQ prep course and pass the exam:

  • If at all possible, try to get expertise in the field of quality assurance. It may be difficult to take the exam if you have no prior expertise with quality. If you have hands-on expertise in this field, you can easily pass the exam.

  • Prepare with a variety of materials, including practice tests, books, the NAHQ Guidebook, and even CPHQ study courses.

  • Make a practice strategy: Do not attempt to remember guide books or practice tests. It’s critical to combine logical reasoning with practical thinking

  • Make your notes: Make flashcards for the types of questions that frequently appear in practice tests and the CPHQ exam.

  • Mark sections of practice guides that need to be revised after preparation as you go through them.

  • To increase your chances of passing the exam, understand each section of it.

  • Avoid websites that provide free practice tests. Many of them may provide incorrect data and information, leading you on the incorrect route.

  • You must identify your areas of weakness and commit more work to master them.

  • Create a plan for your preparation and stick to it. Only study for the test three months ahead of time, as doing so early may cause you to forget what you’ve learned.

  • Enroll as quickly as possible for the examination. The exam’s high cost may encourage you to work more.

  • If a topic takes more than one minute to answer, move on to the next one.

  • If you’re unclear about an answer, start by removing obvious bad responses and then choose the best option.

  • Use any remaining time before the end of the examination to go over any questions you missed.

  • Make a schedule for taking your CPHQ exam.

  • Find the best place to earn your CPHQ certification.


Here are some helpful hints for passing the CPHQ examination with high marks during your CPHQ preparation session. If a candidate does not receive a passing score on the first attempt, he or she may reapply for the examination 90 days following the first attempt. Within a calendar year, the test can be attempted up to three times. And, if a passing score is not reached after 3 trials within a calendar year, the candidate must wait a complete calendar year to reapply for the test.

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