Certified Professional in Patient Safety

CPPS: A Great Emerging Career Option

Healthcare quality and related certification:

Healthcare quality is a broad phrase that refers to all of the processes, knowledge sets, skills, and professional abilities involved in providing safe and effective care. Care is also centered on the patient, delivered on time, and made equally available to all. Simply said, healthcare quality is concerned with making systemic improvements that ensure patients have access to personalized, effective, and cost-efficient care.

Healthcare quality professionals, according to the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), improve the delivery of treatment, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. This is achieved through patient safety leadership, regulation and accreditation, increased data analytics, and a better understanding of public health.

What is meant by professional certification in Patient Safety?

Professional certification is a process in which any professional, including those in healthcare, chooses for gaining expertise in their industry by completing specialized training and passing exams focused on specific knowledge sets or abilities. 

Professional certification is useful to employers because it provides a universalized set of standards against which to judge the quality of candidate proficiency. Because structured training and work experience create a broad range of differences upon which to evaluate a job applicant. A certificate is useful to employers because it provides a universally applied set of rules upon which evaluators judge the aptitude of the applicant.

Why CPPS certification is important?

This professional certification program establishes basic criteria for the field of patient safety, benchmarks requirements for health care professionals, and establishes a minimum degree of expertise.

Professionals in the field of patient safety can use the CPPS credential to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field.

Employers can confirm a potential candidate’s patient safety knowledge and skill set by requiring the CPPS accreditation. These are key skills in today’s healthcare system.

Requirement for the CPPS certification: 

Candidates for the CPPS certificate are those whose present or future professional duties include patient safety measures as a key component. Candidates must additionally have one of the following levels of academic and professional experience:

3 years of experience in a healthcare system or with a provider of services to the health care industry (includes time spent in clinical rotations and residency programs) OR a baccalaureate degree plus 3 years of expertise (includes time spent in clinical rotations and residency programs) in a healthcare system or with a provider of solutions to the health care industry

5 years of experience in a health care setting or with a supplier of services to the health care industry (including time spent in clinical training) plus an associate’s degree or equivalent.

Modules of CPPS certification:

There are 5 modules based on which your CPPS certification is established: 

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Risks and Solutions for Patient Safety
  • Improving and Measuring Performance
  • Human Factors / Systems Thinking and Design

The CPPS certification has been obtained by over 2,000 professionals from all 50 US states and ten countries.

Who all are eligible for this certification: 

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Professionals in Patient Safety
  • Professionals in Quality and Risk Management
  • Executives in the Healthcare Industry
  • Professionals in the field of non-clinical health care
  • Other healthcare practitioners with the relevant qualifications

How to qualify for CPPS Certification?

The following steps should be taken before enrolling for your exam:

  • Examine the material on the exam.
  • Examine the CPPS’s list of resources.
  • Review the CPPS Frequently Asked Questions.
  • The Candidate Handbook should be read.
  • Look for further information in other places.
  • Consider taking an online CPPS practice exam or enrolling in a CPPS refresher course to help you prepare for your exam.
  • When you’re ready to apply for your exam, use our website to find a day and time at a test location near you.


Several people which also include health care professionals and service providers can be benefitted from this certification course. It might be a further step to enhance your career growth and might land you up in a greater employment opportunity.

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