Tried and tested steps to clear CPC

Tried and Tested steps to clear CPC

We all know examinations can be quite hectic and cumbersome. Even when it comes to the CPC exam, pressure busters are quite helpful to clear it. 

Sit and relax, proven steps to clear CPC are listed below.

Preparation strategies for CPC

Open your materials provided by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) to crack the iceberg. Firstly, review the terminologies of medical coding and go through the books and other study materials which will act as your personal assistant in your CPC exam.

A preparation course is necessary for freshers or one with less experience. Such preliminary courses do assist the students with study materials in form of textbooks and audio lectures to assist the future certified coders. 

Preparation and Planning

The primary focus should be on the CPC manual as questions from the manual generally appear in the question paper. 

  • Strong Medical Vocabulary

Time to catch the books again with a dictionary and recall all the medical terminologies to start your preparation.

  • Preliminary exams

Preliminary exams provide an idea on how to attempt all the questions or types of questions one may face in the exam. Such question papers are filled with general questions which are frequently seen in final exams just with a little twist.

Strict Timeline for CPC Test

  • Follow the clock

Keep in mind that you must pass your CPC examinations with a score of at least 70% out of 150 questions, which means you can miss up to 45 questions. This implies you must first answer the known questions. This can also help you gain confidence as you progress through the tests, allowing you to leave the more difficult questions until you have more time to answer them.

  • Follow smaller segment strategy

You need to first answer the questions of which you are well aware. Then attempt the rest to conquer the entire paper as there is nothing like negative marking in CPC exams. It’s critical to stick to rigorous deadlines when taking the CPC Exam. While studying for the Medical Coding exam, effective time management comes in handy. Breaking the long paper into smaller portions strategically is an efficient technique to deal with it. 

Furthermore, set a time limit for yourself to complete each section. In some ways, it enables you to complete the exam wisely rather than wasting time without a strategy. As a result, keeping pace during the CPC exam is critical.

  • Maintain appropriate momentum in the CPC exam

Take appropriate gaps in between but frequent breaks are not appreciable in between preliminary or CPC exams as you may lose your momentum and run late in finishing the exam paper.

  • Stay Positive

Positive mindset is the goal to succeed and the same is implied in CPC preparation. So relax and meditate and don’t overburden your processor. 

Don’t leave any Question

  • No Negative marking

The best part about CPC exams is there is no negative marking so attempt the entire question paper.

  • Collect as many marks as possible

Minimum of 70% score is needed to clear the CPC exam so try to grab as many marks as possible and attempt the entire question paper.

  • Take chance and attempt every question

Go through the question paper thoroughly and tick all the questions which you want to answer at first and later attempt the rest but don’t leave any.

  • Stick to a time deadline

Make every effort to complete the exam within the allotted time. If you finish the exam ahead of schedule, take that time to go over your answers to the questions you’re not sure about. Use your code books to double-check your answers.

Right strategy is the key to success

  • Speed and accuracy

Pay particular attention to problems that include terms like “most, unless, greatest, least, not.” These terms may be tough in your exam, so be especially cautious when dealing with them and make sure you get them right.

  • Read the paper carefully before answering

Be confident in the convention of the codes in the ICD area, such as poisoning, HIV, late effects, radiation treatments, hypertension, fetal, maternal, and infection codes, and so on. To get quick answers and manage time, highlight all of those coding standards.

  • Don’t rush

Look for the word in the back of the CPT code description if you don’t know some of the vocabulary codes. Also, keep in mind that some of the questions provide answers to other questions. So don’t be in a rush.

  • Power up your reading skills.

Improve your reading skills by memorizing or highlighting it on the go, which saves your time from having to read it again.


The CPC exam is a medical certification exam that allows you to excel medical coding in today’s booming healthcare industry. With adequate preparation and practice, anyone may pass the CPC exam with ease and have a successful career in medical coding.

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