OET exam tips for nurse

Tips for letter writing in OET for nurses

The OET involves four sub-tests within which each verifies the different linguistic abilities associated with the health field. The most common test includes the way to write the referral letter. To write a proper OET letter, some tips is very beneficial for nurses could be followed.

  • Accordingly, use the reading time 

At the initial phase of the OET writing test, five minutes of reading time would be given. This time must be used wisely and the proper reading of instructions must be done. Within this, the in-detailed description of whom to write regarding what case to be written must be done. Small doubt on the topic of the letter could make the entire letter meaningless.  

  • Organize the  case notes in a structured manner

On reading about the provided letter topic, the development of case notes must be done in proper paragraph differentiation. This would lead to having proper structure development of the letter with that of including entire relevant information. The letter must include the introductory sentence, main body, and secondary issues. The issues could be social, medical or any other. 

  • Include at least one positive impact in between the main medical issue/ purpose in the introduction

An introductory sentence must include the obvious medical issue that could be taken in the section of admission diagnosis. Based on the problem, the patient must be referred to a specialist physician for examination.  

  • Differentiate between main and secondary issues 

The development of case notes is useful in terms of identifying the information associated with the main issue along with that of the second issue. The description of main issue and the second issue must be done in different paragraphs. A patient suffering from headache and dizziness here finds the need to classify the main and secondary issues. 

  • Understand the task and check out the sample 

This involves the proper reading of the writing instructions and the writing tasks based on the number of times the letter needs to be written. The best way of writing a proper letter is to deploy the subtests that leads to providing a clear picture of writing the letter.

  • Write a different paragraph for any other details 

One of the most difficult things is to know about the paragraph separation that needs to be done based on the information being provided. This must be associated with the information being provided within the letter statement instead of directly mentioning the main issue. 

  • Referral explicitly defined in the last paragraph 

Even after mentioning the need for referral within the introductory sentence, it seems to be incomplete information. At the end of the letter, there finds a need to be more explicit with that of defining the request for referral. The proper usage of provided information must be done with that including the management plan and the discharge plan which describes the request in a well- a structured manner.

  • The letter must define the story to the reader

After selecting and organizing the test case notes, there finds the need to convert them into an actual letter. The letter must be written in such a way that it seems like the story to the reader. The direct copying of test cases must be avoided. The letter must be written in such a way that it does not distract the reader from the major topic needed to be focused upon.

To better understand the topic, a format of writing the letter has been provided:

Present date 

Recipient’s Name (as per the writing task)

Recipient’s Job title (as per the writing task)

Recipient’s full address (as per the writing task)


Re: Full name of patient and date of birth 

Introductory paragraph 


Closing sentence 

Yours Sincerely 

Your Job title (as per the writing task)

The best tip to write an effective referral letter is to read the provided information carefully along with that of having proper differentiation within the introductory part, main body part and conclusion part of the letter. The language of the letter must be kept as simple as possible.

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