Common Mistakes That Students Make During IELTS Exam Part – 2

In the previous blog, we enlightened you about the common mistakes in the IELTS listening and writing sections. Today, we are going to discuss the remaining parts of the IELTS Exam and tell you about the common mistakes that an aspirant makes as well as how to avoid them. Speaking in IELTS The frightening IELTS […]

Common Mistakes That Students Make During IELTS Exam Part-1

The IELTS exam is definitely tough, and many people take it only to discover that their score falls short of their expectations. There are a variety of reasons behind this, but the most common one being their English level was inadequate. Nevertheless, there are several potential stumbling blocks that could prevent folks from achieving their […]

What Happens In Infection Prevention and Controls Department?

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a systematic, evidence-based method aimed at preventing preventable infections from harming patients and health professionals. Eliminating health-care-associated infections saves money, lowers the spreading of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), & supports high-quality, integrated, people-centered health services. Why are infection prevention and control important? Infection outbursts in hospital environments such as nursing […]

Preparing For CPHQ? Must-Try These Tips To Crack It!

CPHQ is an abbreviation for Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. Simply put, this certification shows that you are well-versed in the principles of healthcare quality and can successfully apply them. The NAHQ (National Association for Healthcare Quality) administers the CPHQ test. Candidates in the CPHQ preparatory course are guided by a candidate handbook provided by […]

Preparing For IELTS? You Need To Know About The Format

If you have opted to take the IELTS exam, you should be aware of the test’s structure and content, as well as a few key rules. You can also find internet materials useful. Learning resources and materials for IELTS provide excellent practice for knowing the test’s particular format. Academic, Basic Training and Life Skills are […]

OET Examination And Why It Is Beneficial?

Do you want to work in an English-speaking workplace as a graduate student or professional? It’s likely that you’ll be required to take a Language test. The Occupational English Test assesses aspiring healthcare professionals’ English language abilities to work in an English-speaking setting. Continue to read an overview of the structure and grading system for […]

CPPS: A Great Emerging Career Option

Healthcare quality and related certification: Healthcare quality is a broad phrase that refers to all of the processes, knowledge sets, skills, and professional abilities involved in providing safe and effective care. Care is also centered on the patient, delivered on time, and made equally available to all. Simply said, healthcare quality is concerned with making […]

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