Ways to clear cpc exam

Most effective way to pass CPC exam.

AAPC is indeed one of the toughest exams to crack. But do not fret as we have introduced some easy tips that you need to follow in order to clear your way out of it.

You should, however, consider taking the AAPC’s CPC practice exams. We’ll cover these in a little bit.

Get through with coding basics

Be aware of all the parts in your code books CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS code books. Learn identifying codes, tables, instructions and other vitals. A good coder/candidate will have a well known knowledge of their code books.

Time division

You will be having 5 hours 40 minutes for the exam use that time wisely cracks the correct codes as soon as possible. If you finish the exam before the allotted time use that time by reviewing your answers for the question (always)

Aim for 30 questions/hour

Before beginning to answer, you must set a certain target of questions to aim first and foremost. Which chapter has to take first is important don’t take all tough chapters together divide each hour equally with all types of questions.

Stay calm throughout the test

Don’t be panicked stay calm throughout the exam. Remember that you can have some wrong answers you cannot be always correct.

Read the questions carefully

Be extremely careful for the questions which contain words like “most, except, greatest, least, not” These words may be tricky in your exam so be extra careful when dealing with these types of questions and answer them correctly.

Look for modifiers

Some questions will directly give answers away with modifiers so watch for discontinued procedure, post-surgical complications, staged procedure, etc.” ICD diagnosis codes can also helps in eliminating procedure codes that you are not sure about

Highlight key codes

In the ICD section be confident in the convention of the codes such as poisoning, HIV, late effects, radiation treatments, etc. Highlight all these questions and quickly cover them all.

Recall the Coding books

In case if you don’t know some of terminology codes look for the word in the back of the CPT code description.

Remember your motive

Always know what your motives are for taking CPC exam be bold and confident and remember the employers were only concerned about the credential that you own and not the amount of time you take to clear exam the exam.

The CPC exam is all about your knowledge on how to find the best answers in the quickest amount of time possible and not about how you memorize the codes. So study on how to find the correct codes quickly rather than memorizing the codes. Wish you all best of luck to find great opportunities with CPC certification

Join a good quality training center

You cannot crack such competitive exams on your own that are why you should consider investing some money in a good quality training center with excellent track record on CPC exams. Get training from them practice the mock test set timers when you take the practice exams to get used to the timing. Consult for tougher subjects with your trainers. 

Here at Om training and consultancy we prepare you with our extensively prepared course materials to clear CPC exams. You get to learn:

  • Abstract information required to support accurate coding health care claims to obtain reimbursement from Insurance companies.
  • Identify documentation deficiencies and proper query providers for proper code capture.
  • Solid understanding of anatomy, physiology & medical terminology required to correctly code professional provider services & diagnoses. Proficiency across a wide range of services, including evaluation & management, anesthesia, surgery, radiology, pathology & medicine.
  • A sound knowledge of medical coding guidelines and regulations including compliance and reimbursement.
  • Integrate medical coding and payment policy changes into a practice’s reimbursement processes.
  • Research Medical records and corresponds with Insurance companies to resolve issues related to claims denial.

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