Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)

The goal of the CPHQ preparation is to promote excellence and professionalism by documenting individual performance as measured against a predetermined level of knowledge about quality. The certification which indicates professional and academic achievement in the field of healthcare quality management. It covers all the aspects of healthcare attributes comprising 4 subjects: Structure and integration, Health data analytics, Performance and process improvement, Patient safety.

Who Needs The Course

    1. 1) Healthcare quality professionals
      2) Medical directors
      3) Senior nurses
      4) Risk managers
      5) Pathologists
      6) Lab Technicians
      7) Doctors & accreditation officers
  • Certificates
    1. National Association of Healthcare Quality
    2. Training Certificate from the Institute

    What You Will Learn

    • Organizational Leadership
      A- Structure and Integration
      B- Regulatory, Accreditation, and External Recognition
      C- Education, Training, and Communication
    • Health Data Analytics
      A- Design and Data Management
      B- Measurement and Analysis
    • Process and Performance Improvement
      A- Identifying Opportunities for Improvement
      B- Implementation and Evaluation
    • Patient Safety
      - Implementation and Evaluation
      - Assessment and Planning

    Exam Details

    • Eligibility
      There are no formal eligibility requirements to sit for the exam
    • Exam Type
      ● Multiple-choice examination consisting of 140 questions.
    • Exam dates
      ● March 14–27, 2021 (application November 8, 2020–February 12, 2021)
      ● June 6–19, 2021 (application February 13–May 7, 2021)
      ● September 12–25, 2021 (application May 8–August 20, 2021)
      ● December 5–18, 2021 (application August 21–November 12, 2021)